From philosophers roaming the streets of Athens conceiving notions of modern civilization, soldiers fighting wars in the golden era, to the Greek gods ruling Greece from the very high tops of mount Olympus, leather sandals have since been an essential part of life in Greece.

NAHMI brings to you a durable, light and comfortable sandal that will become your go-to seasonal footwear. From running errands in Manhattan and London, to vacationing in some exotic destination (like Greece, of course), NAHMI is a must-have piece of every modern goddess, like you. We know what it takes to be a fierce woman in this day and age, and our designs and materials reflect that.

NAHMI importantly exclusively supports local businesses for all of our products. We buy all of our materials from Greece, supporting the local economy.


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Men’s sizes and customizable designs upon inquiry.


NAHMI was founded in late summer 2017 by two ambitious women who shared a dream. Christina and Katerina wanted to create a brand that combined style, comfort, quality and elegance. NAHMI’s goal is to bring a high-end sandal to the market at lower prices than other luxury brands.

Christina, is a renowned beauty expert in Chania, Crete. She is one of the best in her field and attracts numerous clients from all over Crete. She specializes in nails, lashes but also works as a hair-stylist. Christina also has previously worked with leather sandals where she decorated them with semi-precious stones for her exclusive clients all over Greece.

Katerina, a New York attorney, lives and works in Connecticut. While her academic and professional path has been primarily focused on the study and practice of law, she has always has had an interest in fashion and entrepreneurship. Her creative and entrepreneurial spirit are both best combined into NAHMI doing what she loves most.

Importantly, NAHMI supports only local businesses in Greece. All of our sandals are made in Greece, with Greek materials from start to finish using only local craftsmen and women. NAHMI does not use any imported materials.

Christina and Katerina share all responsibilities and efforts to make NAHMI a reality. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Christina and Katerina xx


We both work very hard every day to bring the final product to you. Our sandals are hand-made from start to finish. We agree on the design, and then take it to our talented craftsman, Mr. Paulos, who owns a shoe-making workshop in Chania, Crete.

We use goatskin leather for all our designs. Goatskin is a strong and durable leather with a smooth fine grain. It is also a very supple, lightweight leather which provides with great comfort, flexibility and is also more resistant to water than other types of leathers.

Our embellishments are also largely handmade and custom-ordered from a work-shop in Athens. Our knit elements are made by Ms. Fani and Ms. Katerina in Chania, Crete. We use a high-end grade glue and/or sew on the leather.