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Paros Paros 85.00

This is our best seller! The eye (mati, in Greek) on the Paros sandals is a Greek symbol meant to keep the bad spirits and bad energy away. It is meant to protect one from evil and afford good luck. This symbol is deeply rooted in the Greek tradition. True to size.

Ikaria Ikaria 55.00

Materials: Calf leather, rubber synthetic sole.

Kithira Kithira 70.00

Materials: Calf leather, rubber synthetic sole and synthetic pearls.

Kriti Kriti 95.00

This is a limited edition design. The knit design is part of a traditional Cretan throw that is made on a loom, a technique that belongs largely to the past. We wanted to create a design that highlights the tradition we are proud of, with a fashionable twist!

The thick material in comparison with the supple leather, plays with textures and gives it that textured chunky-chic look!

Naxos Naxos 65.00

Materials: Genuine leather (cattle) and rubber (Sole)
Color: Black

Mykonos Mykonos 75.00

Materials: Calf leather, calf hair and synthetic rubber sole
Color: Black

Hypatia Hypatia 75.0080.00
Electra Electra 75.0085.00
Afroditi Afroditi 60.0065.00